ISSN: 2319-7927

Volume 3,Issue 1

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Cryptosystem for Scalable Sharing Of Data Using Aggregate Key-A Review Ms. Monali S. Bachhav, Prof. Amol Potgantwar pdf
Review on Querying XML Schema with EX-up Technique for Accuracy

Ms. Trupti N. Mahale, Prof. Santosh Kumar

 A Novel Approach for Noise Removal, Sleet Pixel Recovery with Quality Enhancement  Bhagyashri More, Prof. Santosh Kumar  pdf
 A New Progressive Analytics to Reduce Cost in Relational Domain  AnkitaV.Torawane, Amitkumar Manekar  pdf
Study for Enhancement in Privacy-preserving Authentication Protocol using Trusted Third Party in Cloud Ms. Madhumita S Patil, Prof. Santosh Kumar  pdf
Divisible Resource Allocation to Minimize Cloud Task Length Sneha S. Tile, Prof. Naresh Thoutam  pdf