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Special Issue of IJEEM (IETE 46th Mid Term Symposium “Impact of Technology on Skill Development”-2015)

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Smart City with Wi-Max Technology Priti A. Meshram, Ashwini A. Deshmukh, Swapna A. Khandekar pdf
A Literature Review on Ergonomically Study of VDT
Workstation Operators
Y. B. Bhagat, Dr. S. G. Patil pdf
 Role of Women in Corporate World: Journey from Kitchen to Cosmos Mahesh R. Gurjar, Apurva T. Wasnik pdf
 Empowerment of Women: A Challenge  Mr. Vishal V. Rathi pdf
 Skilled India- 2020 Tanmay S.Chutke, Payal G. Kadu, Eshant G. Rajgure pdf
 Women in Technology: The Science of Success Will Harris pdf
 Women’s Accreditation and Defense Sharwari S. Bijwe, Ketki A. Kadu pdf
 Mission to Make India Super Power  Swapnil V. Potdar pdf