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Special Issue of IJEEM(1st National Conference on Dynamism in Management)

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Study on Dynamic Market Research to Change the Buying Attitude of Rural Consumer Vinod S. Khair pdf
Admire Customers: The Optimistic Approach of Businessmen Dr.S.J.Jadhav Prof.Manisha N.Sawant pdf
Retention Management: A Tools Towards Organizational Development Prof.Dr.Prashant S.Warke Prof. Megha R. Patil pdf
Innovative Leadership: A Vision Beyond Neelima P. Warke Prajakta R. Patil pdf
Internet Marketing: The New Dimension of Innovation in E-Commerce Ajay Sampat Shinde pdf
Dynamism and Management Education in India: – An Overview Prof.Kasar.U.S Prof. Pankaj A. Kapse pdf
Urban Local Government: A Study of Revenue and Expenditure of Municipal Corporations in Nashik District Dr. S. K. Wadekar Prof. Smt. Mangala Aher pdf
Retention Strategies With Reference to BPO Sector Kavita D. Chordiya pdf